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Saturday Feb 21, 2009

This episode discusses the reason behind the move from Podbean to our own site. We also discuss and exciting upcoming event. It is a short one but one that I felt needed to be done. Follow the link given below next week to pick up the new feeds and see the new look. email addresses are available. 1,197 available. Don't you all rush me at once! Seriously, if you are interested, email me with what you want your address to be such as and I will set you up an account. Provide a secondary email that I can email your password back to. You will have the opportunity to change your password at any time once you have logged in. Links: Motorcycle Nation Podcast (Our new home) The Motorwold

Saturday Jan 24, 2009

This episode we have plenty of news and a great interview with Susan Rinschler, Service Manager at Cycle Outfitters Limited where we discuss winterizing your motorcycle. Jump on in and enjoy the show. Leave comments or questions in the comments section as usual and I have a new email if you want to hit me there. Send email to Keep your eyes here and your ears on the podcast. Thanks to all of you and the friends you have sent we are filling up the allowable storage on this site and burning up bandwith like a bald tire at a burnout contest. I am working on bringing my old domain back up and will host everything myself. Make sure you keep up to date so that you can change your RSS link when the feed changes so you don't miss an episode. If you have any questions email me. Links from todays show Honda Fury motorcycle Cycle Outfitters Limited (Info and Online Store) Cycle Outfitters Limited Contact information 5501 S. Madison Avenue Indianapolis Toll Free - 888-783-2901

Wednesday Jan 14, 2009

In episode 3 I tell you about my latest geek tech toy the Zoom H2 recorder. This is a short podcast to work out all the details of recording and downloading with this toy. Please feel free to comment. Episode 4 will be out early to mid week next week complete with an interview. The release date is dependent on being able to hook up with the mechanic that we are going to interview. I will keep you posted. Websites mentioned on the show: International Motorcycle Shows Indiana Motorcycle Expo ABATE of Indiana Ride Safe Bullitt

Saturday Jan 03, 2009

Show notes for episode 2 recorded 1/2/2009. In news, we discuss the economy and motorcycling, websites that allow you to report road problems, police testing scooters, and an attempt to prohibit carrying a passenger under 14 in Canada. We move on to motorcycle recalls from Ducati, Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, and Triumph. **I mentioned the NHTSA and may have referred to it using some incorrect nomenclature. The acronym stands for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In closing, we provide a quick review on Tourmaster Synergy heated gloves. Websites or contact numbers mentioned during the podcast: Motorcycle Riders Foundation ABATE of Indiana 800-23ABATE Texas Department of Transportation Canada Safety Council Cycle Outfitters 317-783-2901 Check back for a blog post soon! Steve "Bullitt" McQueen Motorcycle Nation Podcast

Saturday Dec 20, 2008

WOW, it has been a long time! My last venture at this podcast / blog thing was a frustrating experience and contributed to the abrupt ending of it. The truth is that I tried to work at a tech level much higher than my ability. I tried to host it myself and never figured out how to do everything. Oh, the blog was fine, I just could never figure out how to get my podcast to the blog and on the net. I think that I may have that licked now. I just got an email from Apple telling me that my submitted feed to iTunes was submitted and they are reviewing my request to add MCNation Podcast to the iTunes store. Keep your fingers crossed. For those of you who are coming back, thank you. To all of you MC Nation virgins, welcome and thank you. A quick intro to me is that I love motorcycles and I am lucky enough to derive a portion of my income from motorcycle related ventures. I manage a motorcycle safety site for ABATE of Indiana and also teach motorcycle safety courses as well. I also hold a motorcycle skills examiner certification for the state Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Beyond motorcycling, I hold a full time job, attend college, and am Dad to 4 kids ranging in age from 18 to 5. In March, I also became a Grandpa. So, I am a pretty busy guy. I hope that when we get this thing going that you will enjoy it enough to spend plenty of time here and to tell your friends about it. This is the MC Nation which means it is a place for all of us to hang out and discuss all things motorcycling. We will get into safety, tours, recalls, bikes, anything that we want. i hope that each of you will share through the comments area of the blog. In the future, I hope to give all of you the ability to call in during the taping of the podcast and chat. I will be doing some interviews and you will have the chance to weigh in. Another cool opportunity that I hope to extend to all of you is to be able to chat during the recording of the podcast. I have a account set up and down the road I want to do live video of the show being recorded for the podcast feed. Sounds like a lot of fun to me. So, I hope this thing grows and that we have motorcyclists from all over the world weighing in here. Since my dream is to tour, I really welcome any ideas of placed to visit. Drop those ideas into the comments section at any time or hit the email link and shoot it over via email. Ride Safe Steve "Bullitt" McQueen MCNation Podcast

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